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Related Applied Developmental Psychology Labs

DISC Lab - Dr. Tim Curby

The Development in School Contexts lab, within the GMU Applied Developmental Psychology program is headed by Dr. Timothy Curby. The DISC lab focuses on understanding the impact of teacher-student relationships and interactions and continues building upon TASSEL. Dr. Curby specializes in both multilevel and longitudinal data analytic approaches, well-suited for fleshing out the dynamic processes inherent to interpersonal student-teacher relationships.

Development in School Contexts Lab Website

SETL Lab - Dr. Kate Zinsser   

Dr. Zinsser has also been very active with TASSEL-related tasks even since leaving the GMU TASSEL Project in May of 2013. Since graduating from GMU and formally leaving the TASSEL project, Dr. Zinsser is currently an assistant professor of Community and Prevention Research Psychology and has established a related program of research at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) where she directs the Social-Emotional Teaching and Learning Lab. Dr. Zinsser

Social-Emotional Teaching and Learning Lab Website

Note: Dr. Denham is not currently taking new students